报告题目:Designing Efficient and Functional Nanocarriers to Promote Sustainable and Resilient Agriculture

报告人:   Gregory V. Lowry


报告地点:线下 新环境大楼200会议室;线上 腾讯会议ID 223-909-558 密码231115

邀请人:   李浩、张礼知


There is a pressing need to improve the resilience and sustainability of agriculture in a rapidly changing climate. Polymeric nanocarriers can be engineered for efficient uptake and translocation following foliar application. However, the design space for nanocarriers is extensive, and optimizing their design requires better understanding of how the nanocarrier properties affect nanomaterial-plant interactions as these interactions determine how they travel through plants, how they respond to environmental and biological cues to release an AI payload, and their ultimate fate. This talk will present different materials for nanocarriers designs and processes for making them, and will highlight what we know and do not know about the factors influencing their uptake into leaves, mesophyll cells, and phloem, and subsequent distribution to other plant tissues, e.g. roots, stem, younger leaves. Overall, this body of work helps to provide design rules for new materials that can provide precision and timed delivery of agrochemicals to plants.


    Gregory V. Lowry是卡内基梅隆大学的杰出大学教授,也是该校土木与环境工程学科的Walter?J.?Blenko高级教授。他目前担任美国化学会Environmental?Science?&?Technology执行主编和副主编。Gregory V. Lowry教授是美国科学促进会(AAAS)的会员。他在环境化学和纳米技术领域的跨学科研究获得了众多奖项,包括将机器学习和人工智能应用于这些领域,其研究成果对全球农业可持续性、环境修复和能源生产等领域做出了突出贡献。